Paros Kontaratos Studios & Apartments

George’s Father, fisherman & seaman

George’s Father was a fisherman and a seaman. Now 86 years old.

George is very proud to be described in the book “Grekland Ö-luffa” from Wilmaguiden as very clean and lovely place to stay. We are described by many as being very nice and kind people, which we feel flattered by. Many people talk about our nice rooms, the friendly atmosphere, and our kindness and the care we have for our guests. Apart from being mentioned in the Wilmaguide, the best proof of satisfaction and the attention to detail we take is that we have many returning guests every year. Our principle is to not stand at the port for guests but let our guests spread the words about our rooms, from person to person. If you enjoy your stay please tell others and this way we will have more new and friendly guests who will also enjoy a lovely holiday with us. We will gladly receive your booking in advance either by email or by phone. We will then collect you from the port at the appointed time, and help with the luggage. Obviously we also help you with the luggage when you leave us!